selected works

solidarity sashes

the book worm tales

when i became a woman

personal effects exhibition

post-partum period

always always always

expectant mothers

cake, meat, games

skirt book, made in the usa

made inů

anywhere, usa

process cakes

now serving: the lord’s prayer and the beatitudes

a woman may cry

mijn nederlands woordenboek

little lies

little moments

date night


various collages

r is for rhombus

a strange present

scotland: a flipbook

oxytocin good

ode to the dictionary

weird is normal

30-something >


security blanket

the definition of circumscribed delineation



the ideography of typography




30-something (a collaboration with connie hwang)
mixed media collage: pencil, watercolor, pastel, yarn, ink jet on tissue, slide tape, white out, type punches, hardware, found images, glassine
11” x 11”